Car Park Systems

Intermediate Deck Resin Car Park Coatings

Self priming one coat options for new build or refurbishment projects. Can be installed on bituminous or cement based substrates.

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Basement Car Park Deck Resin Coatings

Resin coating systems specifically designed dfor the demands of basement car park areas with damp tolerant primer systems. Systems include ingress protection and physical resistance.

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Exposed Deck Resin Car Park Coatings

Solvent free flexible polyurethane top deck coating system provinding a hard wearing, crack briding surface that enhances car park areas. Can be used for new build and refurbishment projects including over existing asphalt surfaces.

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External Car Park Demarcation Coatings

Self priming one coat specialist polyurethane demarcation coatings for concrete and asphalt surfaces. Suitable for applications such as retail car park and airport car park demarcation.

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Anti Carbonation Wall & Soffit Coatings

Water based anti-carbonation coating systems deisgned to enhance and protect car parking structures in conjunction with car deck coating systems. Can be spray applied to soffits, walls and columns to enhance light levels for safer parking zones.

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